Product Inspection Monitoring System
Product Inspection Monitoring System (QA S&T Dte., RDSO) A website has been developed to facilitate Vendor, RDSO and User(Rlys./Pus) to know the inspection status of various items inspected by RDSO. The major provisions are: (go to website . Select tab ‘Vendor Interface” & then navigate to ‘Product Inspection Monitoring System’)
For Vendor:
• Vendor shall log-in on ‘vendor login’ using user ID & password made available by QA(S&T) dte. (Initially ID & Password can be got from concerned zonal Director’s at Kolkata, Lucknow, New Delhi, Jaipur & Mumbai).
• Approved vendors can submit request for opening case file and during subsequent log-ins inspection calls can be submitted for the items approved by RDSO & to be inspected by RDSO (QA S&T Dte.)
• Vendor shall be able to check the status of inspection process at various stages viz nomination of inspector, tentative dates of inspections completion of inspection, issue of DMs/ICs etc.
• Vendors shall get SMS alerts & e-mail information at various stages of progress.
• QA S&T Dte. officials shall be able to login & find out the details pertaining to their area.
• RDSO shall be able to know the inspection calls submitted by vendor at various stages.
• Inspectors shall be nominated by Director online.
• Nominated inspector shall inform tentative date to the Vendor in advance.
• RDSO shall be able to find out the details of various inspection calls, supplies made by the vendor over a period, outstanding inspection calls etc.
For USER (Zonal Railways/PUs):
• User shall be able to know inspection status of the Purchase Order online.
• The supplies made by approved Vendors over a period for a particular item shall be available to the user through log-in.
Mobile No.: 8005462401
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To Know Inspection Status of PO, Enter PO Eg:-10.20.345.45662
To Know IC Detail, Enter IC No.
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