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About Directorate


Motive Power directorate has been engaged in designs and standards works related with diesel-electric, diesel-hydraulic and electric locomotives since 1960s. Important accomplishments from this time, through to late 1990s, ranged form indigenisation of a large number of diesel locomotive components, establishment of special maintenance code in areas with reliability problems, evolving and adapting standards. The main activities of the directorate are as under :-


Complete design development of diesel-electric and diesel-hydraulic locomotives, diesel rail cars, 700 hp diesel multiple units, 700 hp & 1400 hp diesel electric multiple units, BG,MG & NG rail buses, 140 ton diesel hydraulic break down cranes, re-railing equipments and rescue devices. For electric locomotives, only the mechanical assemblies, bogies, under- gear, brake-gear, underframe and superstructure.


Development and standardisation of locomotive systems and sub-assemblies.


Technical investigation into operational and maintenance problems of Railways.


Providing technical consultancy to Railway Management and other Public Sector Undertakings in matters connected with Diesel Traction.


Acquisition and assimilation of state-of-the-art technology in the field of diesel locomotives and accident management equipments, e.g. 4000 HP locomotive, 140 T Break Down Crane.


Indigenisation of locomotive equipment.


Nodal directorate for issue of speed certificates for all types of rolling stock. 


Nodal directorate for IRS/BIS specifications.