Online Vendor Registration (QA Mech.)

Important Instructions for Vendors

1. Vendor Registration fees has been Revised to 1,50,000+18% GST Amount for Micro/Small Enterprises and 2,50,000+18% GST Amount for other than Micro/ Small Enterprises and $12000+18% GST for Overseas Firms w.e.f. 06-04-2018.

2. The firms who have already deposited less amount after 06-04-2018 are required to submit balance initial registration fees+GST Charges.

3. Firms where GST Invoice has already been issued for as per earlier instruction are required to submit revised fees as per new instruction mentioned in Para no.1 above.

4. Concerned Firms are being advised through email also along with revised GST Invoice.

 Please read the help instructions before filling the Online Vendor Application Form
For Support call on: 0522-2465743        
Timings : Monday to Friday (10am - 5pm) or
Contact No./Email Id of respective Directorate